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A House of Timelessness


The design of Watten House imbues it with a sense of elegance and timelessness. From the impeccable sense of arrival to the classical proportions of the architecture and the deliberate design of the pitched roofs, the combination of classic architectural elements and modern design features creates a palatial home that is timeless, contemporary, and poised.

An Impeccable Arrival


Like a masterpiece framed with greenery, Watten House welcomes you into a private and poetic world. A sprawling 220,240 sqft grounds with only 180 exclusive units, offering low-density living in a tranquil setting.

Watten House An Impeccable Arrival
Watten House A Scenic Sanctuary

A Scenic Sanctuary


Make your home in a sensorial oasis that is inviting and idyllic; breathtaking and life-giving.



At Home with Nature


At Watten House, nature is more than just a scenic backdrop; it is an intrinsic part of daily life that nourishes every aspect of wellness. The timeless architecture and landscape harmonise seamlessly to create an oasis of serenity, a haven that relaxes and revitalises. The lush greenery that nestles the pool and courtyard invites you to immerse yourself in the verdant surroundings. With each passing day, your communion with nature grounds you firmly in the present moment and uplifts your spirits.

Watten House Arrival Water Cascades

Arrival Water Cascades


Painterly landscapes invite contemplation and reflection, where the timeless presence of the rocks finds harmony in the ever-shifting beauty of nature.

Waters of Tranquillity


As day turns to dusk, unwind in the cool waters of the 50m lap pool or simply lounge beneath the gently swaying canopy, watching the sky transform into a canvas of vibrant hues, and savouring the tranquillity of a perfect evening.

Watten House Waters of Tranquillity
Watten House Moments of Respite

Moments of Respite


Linger at the reading pavilion for a moment of rest and quietude, losing yourself in a book and discovering pockets of clarity amidst the lush flora.

Harmony of Senses


Nature and man-made elements blend harmoniously throughout the landscape. Observe the gentle flow of water cascade down organically shaped ponds, while the rustling leaves and the symphony of birdsong create an enchanting ambience.

Watten House Harmony of Senses
Watten House Harmony of Senses 2
Watten House Spring of Wellness

Spring of Wellness


Meander through serene gardens, winding trails, courtyards, and flowing water features that seamlessly blend into a tapestry of wellness spaces. From the gym, look out to a stunning view of the terrace falls, and let the beauty of nature enrich your journey to well-being.



The Heart of Family


Family, the foundation of life, lies at the very heart of Watten House. The rare, large format residences are generously designed to provide ample space for everyone to enjoy privacy and quiet solitude, while also enabling the family to come together and bond over shared activities and conversations. The well-balanced and thoughtful layout is a testament to the importance of family. Watten House is more than just a house – it is an artfully crafted masterpiece that fosters a sense of togetherness, strengthens familial ties, and creates eternal memories.

Watten House Sky Villa



Harmony Within and Beyond


The sense of home extends beyond Watten House to the surrounding estate. There is harmony with people and place, forged by a community that is warm and welcoming. The laughter of children playing in the neighbourhood park resonates in the air and familiar faces return your smile as you walk your dog along the tree-lined roads. It is this tapestry of human connection that makes Watten House a home unlike any other.

Watten House The Interiors
Last Updated: 20th July 2024

Watten House: A Symphony of Design and Functionality”

Watten House, nestled in Prime District 11, stands as an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends elegance and timelessness. The meticulous design, from the grand arrival to the classical proportions and modern features, transforms this residence into a palatial home that exudes a timeless and contemporary allure.

1. Architectural Elegance:
The architectural design of Watten House is a testament to timeless beauty. The meticulous planning is evident from the moment one arrives, with an impeccably designed entrance that sets the tone for the entire residence. The classical proportions of the architecture and the deliberate use of pitched roofs contribute to the overall grandeur, creating a visual spectacle that is both classic and modern.

2. Site Plan: Curated Facilities:
Watten House extends beyond its architectural marvel to offer a curated selection of facilities that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents. The Arrival Lounge, Arrival Terrace, and Arrival Water Cascades create a welcoming atmosphere, setting the stage for the luxurious experience within. From the Sakura Pool Foyer to the Jacuzzi Pool, 50m Lap Pool, and Aqua Lounge, each element is thoughtfully designed to enhance the residents’ lifestyle.

3. Additional Amenities:
Beyond the pools and lounges, Watten House is equipped with a range of facilities that contribute to the overall functionality of the residence. The Guard House and Pedestrian Gate ensure security, while the Electrical Substation and Management Office handle essential operational aspects. The inclusion of a Genset, Bicycle Bay, Bin Centre, and Ventilation Shaft reflects a comprehensive approach to modern living.

4. Harmonious Spaces:
The site plan also incorporates spaces like the Garden Courtyard, Rain Dance, and Garden of Dimensions, creating harmonious outdoor environments that residents can enjoy. The inclusion of the Gym, Reading Pavilion, Function Room, and Aqua Gym adds dimensions to the community, fostering a sense of wellness and social interaction.

5. Structural Considerations:
Ensuring the functionality and sustainability of Watten House, the inclusion of a Water Tank at Roof and other essential elements like the Genset and Electrical Substation showcases a commitment to thoughtful design. These structural considerations contribute to the seamless operation and longevity of the residence.

Watten House’s site plan goes beyond being a mere layout; it is a meticulously curated canvas that reflects a commitment to both aesthetics and functionality. The fusion of timeless architecture and carefully selected facilities creates an environment where residents can indulge in luxury, wellness, and community engagement. Watten House stands not just as a house but as a symphony of design elements that harmoniously blend to create an exquisite living experience.

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