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Watten House features 8 exclusive penthouses that epitomize the concept of “bungalows in the sky.”
These penthouses are equipped with cutting-edge appliances and designer fittings, offering the pinnacle of luxury living.

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A Home Beyond Time

A Home Beyond Time


The private lift* opens up to an elegantly proportioned living room designed to provide maximum space for timeless memories to unfold. From simple everyday rituals to celebratory milestones, this is where family stories and legacies are woven. Where a house becomes a home.

*More than three-quarters of the residences come with a private lift

An Innermost Sanctum

An Innermost Sanctum


Retreat into the sanctity of the spacious master bedroom after a day well spent. Here, there is space and time for peaceful interludes and personal reflection. Here, you will find solace to recharge and awaken to a new dawn of beginnings.

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Luxury Fittings


Watten House complements your living experience with an array of top-of-the-line fittings and appliances from renowned designer brands such as V-ZUG and Gessi. Every detail is meticulously crafted to present you with
a lifestyle of peerless luxury and sophistication.

Watten House Luxury Fittings 2
Watten House Luxury Fittings 3
Last Updated: 27th May 2024

Watten House Floor Plan Brochure available in PDF.

Crafting Spaces for Timeless Family Moments

At Watten House, the essence of family takes center stage as the heart of every design decision. The expansive floor plans of these rare, large-format residences are meticulously crafted to prioritize privacy and solitude, while also creating inviting spaces where families can come together, share activities, and engage in meaningful conversations. More than just a house, Watten House emerges as an artfully crafted masterpiece that not only provides a shelter but also fosters a sense of togetherness, strengthens familial ties, and creates eternal memories.

1. The Essence of Family:
Family, being the foundation of life, is not merely acknowledged but celebrated within the walls of Watten House. Every aspect of the floor plans is a testament to the understanding that a home is more than just a physical structure; it is a haven where family bonds are nurtured and cherished. The essence of family permeates the very design philosophy of Watten House, creating an environment that is conducive to shared experiences and harmonious living.

2. Ample Space for All:
The rare, large-format residences at Watten House are generously designed, offering ample space for each family member to enjoy privacy and quiet solitude. The thoughtful layout takes into account the diverse needs and preferences of family members, ensuring that everyone has their own sanctuary within the residence. This emphasis on individual space contributes to a harmonious coexistence where each family member can thrive.

3. Inviting Shared Spaces:
Watten House not only prioritizes individual privacy but also recognizes the importance of shared activities and conversations. The floor plans incorporate inviting shared spaces where the family can gather, bond, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s a spacious living room, a cozy family area, or a vibrant dining space, each area is designed to facilitate togetherness and connection.

4. Crafted Masterpiece:
Watten House transcends the definition of a house; it is an artfully crafted masterpiece where every line, corner, and space is carefully considered to enhance the experience of family living. The balance between privacy and communal spaces reflects a deep understanding of the dynamics of family life, making Watten House not just a residence but a canvas for the creation of lifelong memories.

5. Strengthening Familial Ties:
The well-balanced and thoughtful layout of Watten House goes beyond aesthetics; it is a deliberate effort to strengthen familial ties. The design encourages communication, fosters a sense of unity, and provides the backdrop for countless moments of joy, laughter, and shared experiences. Watten House becomes a vessel for the creation of a family narrative, where every floor plan is a chapter in the story of togetherness.

Watten House floor plans are not just architectural blueprints; they are the manifestation of a philosophy that places family at the heart of every design decision. The generous spaces, thoughtful layouts, and inviting communal areas create an environment where family bonds are nurtured, and the essence of togetherness thrives. Watten House is more than a residence; it is a testament to the enduring importance of family, where each floor plan is a brushstroke in the canvas of a life well-lived.

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⚜️ 3 Bedroom 990-1,163 sqft
From $3,182,000 (~$3,214 psf)

⚜️ 3 + Study 1,539 sqft
From $4,904,000 (~$3,186 psf)

⚜️ 4 Bedroom 1,851 sqft
From $6,157,000 (~$3,326 psf)

⚜️ 5 Bedroom 2,368 sqft
From $7,760,000 (~$3,277 psf)

⚜️ Duplex PH 3,412 sqft - Last Unit
$12,085,000 (~$3,542 psf)

💎 Prestigious and Sought After Address in Within Private Landed Enclave

💎 Freehold Tenure: A Legacy and a Generational Asset

💎 Located Within 1KM to Nanyang Primary and Raffles Girls Primary

💎 Surrounded by Good Secondary and Tertiary Educational Institutions

💎 Well Connected to City Centre and Key Locations Island-wide

💎 Exclusive 180 Ultra Luxurious Large Format Units: A Rarity in Today's Market

💎 Large Land Size, Not Commonly Found in Luxury Developments

💎 Architect: Architect 61
💎 Developer: UOL and Singapore Land

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