Last Updated: 27th May 2024

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Watten House: A Tranquil Retreat Blending Architecture and Nature

Nestled in the heart of Prime District 11, Watten House redefines the concept of home by seamlessly integrating nature into its very essence. Here, nature is not just a picturesque backdrop but an integral component of daily living, fostering a sense of serenity and well-being. The marriage of timeless architecture and carefully curated landscaping transforms Watten House into an oasis that rejuvenates and revitalizes, creating a haven where residents can truly feel at home with nature.

1. A Symphony of Timeless Architecture and Nature:
Watten House stands as a testament to architectural excellence that goes beyond mere aesthetics. The timeless design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscape, creating a harmonious coexistence with nature. The architecture and lush greenery work in tandem to evoke a sense of tranquility that permeates every corner of this residence.

2. Oasis of Serenity:
Beyond being a residence, Watten House serves as an oasis of serenity. The carefully designed landscape, featuring a pool and courtyard embraced by verdant greenery, invites residents to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings. The soothing ambiance becomes a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life, offering a peaceful sanctuary to unwind and recharge.

3. Communion with Nature:
Watten House encourages a profound communion with nature that unfolds with each passing day. The landscape becomes an extension of the living space, grounding residents in the present moment. Whether enjoying the poolside tranquility or strolling through the lush courtyard, every interaction with nature uplifts spirits and contributes to a holistic sense of well-being.

4. Nourishing Wellness:
Beyond aesthetics, the integration of nature at Watten House serves as a source of wellness. The carefully crafted landscape isn’t just visually appealing; it also contributes to the physical and mental well-being of residents. The interplay between architecture and nature creates an environment that fosters relaxation, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Watten House transcends the conventional definition of a residence by fostering a profound connection with nature. The integration of timeless architecture and carefully curated landscaping creates a haven where residents can truly feel at home with the natural surroundings. This unique blend of aesthetics and well-being transforms Watten House into a tranquil retreat, inviting residents to embrace the soothing embrace of nature within the heart of the city.

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Showflat Reopening: 2nd March 2024
Watten House sales gallery will reopen its doors to the public with a brand new 3BR show unit!

Over 66% Sold!

⚜️ 3 Bedroom 990-1,163 sqft
From $3,182,000 (~$3,214 psf)

⚜️ 3 + Study 1,539 sqft
From $4,904,000 (~$3,186 psf)

⚜️ 4 Bedroom 1,851 sqft
From $6,157,000 (~$3,326 psf)

⚜️ 5 Bedroom 2,368 sqft
From $7,760,000 (~$3,277 psf)

⚜️ Duplex PH 3,412 sqft - Last Unit
$12,085,000 (~$3,542 psf)

💎 Prestigious and Sought After Address in Within Private Landed Enclave

💎 Freehold Tenure: A Legacy and a Generational Asset

💎 Located Within 1KM to Nanyang Primary and Raffles Girls Primary

💎 Surrounded by Good Secondary and Tertiary Educational Institutions

💎 Well Connected to City Centre and Key Locations Island-wide

💎 Exclusive 180 Ultra Luxurious Large Format Units: A Rarity in Today's Market

💎 Large Land Size, Not Commonly Found in Luxury Developments

💎 Architect: Architect 61
💎 Developer: UOL and Singapore Land

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